Fantasio No. 3: Cane and Candle Book
David Ginn
David Ginn (1978)
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USA  eng
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle Book no. 3
©1978 David Ginn, GA
Softcover, saddlestitched, 5.5x8.5", 64 pages

Comments: Illustrations andf Artwork bt Bill Blackard

Contents (courtesy Jacky Kahan at

7 Foreword (Fantasio)

9 Chapter 1: Tips & Advice On Fantasio's Appearing Cane
9 General Operation
12 A Note on Twirling
12 Removal of Lock and Plug
12 Storage and Carrying
14 Cleaning the Cane
14 Silks for Canes
14 Cane Holders

19 Chapter 2: Magic With Fantasio's Appearing Canes
19 Silk to Cane Changes
24 Split Cane
25 Multiplying Candle to Cane
25 Balloon to Cane
26 Canister Cane
26 Wand to Cane
27 Cane in Clear Plastic
28 Snap Silk Cane
28 Carnival Ribbons Cane and Dove
29 Card Fans Cane
29 Ball to Cane
29 Lit Candle to Cane
30 Billiard Ball Closer
30 Color Changing Appearing Cane

33 Chapter 3: Magic With Fantasio's Vanishing Candles
33 Candle to Silk to Cane
35 Candles to Dove
37 Candle to Parasol
38 Craig Thornbury Candle Gimmick
39 Lighting a Candle
39 Candle, Paper Tube and Silks
40 Color Changing Candle to Bouquet
41 Candle Wick Repair
41 Candle Hole in a Silk
42 Easy Candle Production
43 Candle to Bouquet
43 Thin Candle, Fat Candle

47 Chapter 4: Magic With Fantasio's Vanishing Canes
47 George Kimery's Spotted Cane
48 Bobby Fay's Cane to Ribbons
49 Color Changing Dancing Cane
50 Cane Tape Tip
50 Color Change Another Way
51 Cane to Candy
51 Cane to Color Changing Silks
52 Space Age Cane Transposition

55 Chapter 5: Comedy Magic With Canes And Candles
55 Comedy Vanishing Cane
56 Potato Chip Cane
57 Comedy Vanishing Candle
58 Cane Transposition
59 Appearing Cane Running Gag
60 C B Flash

61 Bibliography

Product Details
Edition [1st ed.]
Printed By David Ginn
No. of Pages 64
First Edition Yes
Original Title Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No. 3
Original Publisher David Ginn
Original Country USA
Original Publication Year 1978
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf J
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
(1936 - )
Born Richard Roucau in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he named himself Fantasio in 1961, when he joined the Círculo Mágico Argentino in Buenos Aires.
In July 1976, Fantasio -after 17 years on the professional stage- left show business. The second portion of his life then began. It was dedicated to creating, rnanufacturing and selling magic, especially the plastic candles and canes used in so much of his magic.
Wrote: My Canes and Candles
Media: Video Lectures 1 & 2 - Live at the Magic Castle (VHS videotape)
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