Darwin's Close-Up Miracles
Darwin, Gary
Jimmy K Productions & Associates (1982)
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Magic tricks
United States of America  English
Darwin, Gary: Darwin's Close-Up Miracles
©1982 Jimmy K Productions & Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 34 pages

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Comments: B&W Photo illustrated


1 Darwin: Photo and brief introduction

2 Chapter 1: Thumb Tip technique
3 The Finger Palm
4 The Tuck
5 The Push
6 The Flick
7 The Steal
8 Position of the Thumb When Not in Use
8 Care of Your Thumb Tip

9 Chatper II
9 Two For One: card balanced and a silk produced from it
10 Darwin's Mustard Miracle
10 Darwin's Sweet Sorcery
11 Darwin's Sponge Transportation
12 Darwin's Good Silk News
13 The Mid Air Change: silks
14 Restored Cigarette
15 Cut and Restored Rope or Cord
16 Burnt & Restored Match
17 Restored Toothpick
18 Darwin's Burnt and Restored Dollar Bill
19 Darwin's Flash Restoration
20 Intant Link
20 Darwin's Sharp Magic
21 Vanishing Cigarette In Hanky
22 Darwin's Cigarette Vanish
23 Cut and Restored Facial Tissue
24 Darwin's Burst and Restored Balloon
25 Darwin's Disappearing Silk in Spectator's Hand
26 Looy's Salt Mystery
27 Liquid Levitation
28 Candy Conjuring
28 Wadman's M&M Mystery
29 Spirit Knots
30 Floating Card
31 Darwin's Appearing Hanky
32 Making a Cigarette
33 Darwin's Travelling Water
33 The Restored Dollar Bill
34 Inflation

35 Jimmy K Productions and Associates advertisements (though page 40)

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No. of Pages 40
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Original Title Darwin's Close-Up Miracles
Original Publisher immy K Productions & Associates
Original Country United States of America
Original Language English
Original Publication Year 1982
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