Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume Two
Beam, Steve
Trapdoor Productions (1995)
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Card tricks
USA  eng
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks II
©1995 (First Edition) Trapdoor Productions
Hardcover w/dust-jacket; 229 Pages

Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam Hardbound, 230 pages, 100+ illustrations

Volume One set the standard for semi-automatic card tricks. Choice material with strong impact and clever presentational ploys helped to make the first volume an instant best-seller.

In volume two of Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks you will find almost seventy professional card tricks and routines. These are not your typical self-working card tricks. Clever principles and devious subtleties have supplanted sleight of hand. Unlike many self-working card tricks, these do not appear to be self-working to the audience. The latest technology along with entertaining bits of byplay have been used to create magical effects which will not only amuse but also astound.

Your audience will credit you with great skill when you present the miracles between these covers. The humorous presentational ideas will ensure that you are also credited with being a complete performer.

The author is the editor and publisher of The Trapdoor, one of the primary sources and resources for professional quality magic for magicians for the last dozen years. Twenty-five years of studying and performing magic have given the author the experience to know what works before an audience. This knowledge has been used to invent and select only the best in cutting-edge card effects. Combine this seasoning with fifteen years of international lecturing to magicians and the result is strong performance material that is properly and clearly taught,

If you enjoy card magic, you will eventually read this book. The only question is whether you will read it before or after being fooled and entertained by a trick contained within.

Comments (Wolfgang): Series still available (Jan 2013) from Steve Beam's Trapdoor Productions


11 Introduction

13 Spelling Effects
14 Telephone Lying (Doug Canning)
16 Personalized Pasteboards (Joel Givens)
18 Name That Trick

21 Impossible Revelations
23 Countdown
25 The Three Stooges
27 Middle Gauge Spread
29 The Big Finish
32 Einstein´s Favorite Trick (Richard Vollmer)
33 Weight Limit (Joel Givens)
36 The Australian Crawl
40 Circling the Sandwich
43 Half Moon Rising (Joe Rindfleisch & Gene Maze)
46 Sly Stebbins (Allan Sleight)
49 Sigh Stebbins (Scott Robinson)

51 Cards of Color
53 Color Blind
55 Choosing Sides
57 Memorable Magic (Wayne Kyzer)
59 Well Shaken
61 The Honor System
63 The Terminator
65 Double Brainwave (Ron Ferris)
66 Fooled
68 Follow The Oil and Water (John Riggs)
72 Friends (Aldo Colombini)
75 Color Changing Card Case

79 Future Foretold
81 Timeless (Jack Birnman)
83 Guffus Maximus (Steven Youell)
85 Wheel and Deal (Steve Pressley)
87 Double Hit (Steve Pressley)
93 Have it Your Way
94 Opening Stab
95 Stuck On You (Steve Pressley)
96 A Match Made in Zebulon
99 A Match Made in Knightdale
102 Siamese Stab
105 Return To Sender (Marv Leventhal)

109 Singularities
111 In - Decks (John Riggs)
112 The Eyes Have It (Simon Aronson)
114 The Pairable (Tom Craven)
116 Three Ways (Simon Lovell)
118 The Bermuda Triangle (Jack Birnman)
122 Card Cleavage
125 Puzzler
127 Puzzler II
128 Two Timing Aussie (Doug Canning)
130 One - Deck Wonder (Stewart James)
132 Goosed

141 Topological
143 The Illusion Card (Joe Rindfleisch)
148 One Handed Zigzag (Joe Rindfleisch)
151 Birth Card (Wayne Kyzer)
153 Card Counters (Doug Canning)
155 LIII - kelihood (Richard Vollmer)
157 Polar Stab (Steve Beam & Scott Robinson)
158 Bestimation (Tom Ladshaw)
160 No Questions Asked (Richard Vollmer)

163 Multiple Locations
165 Triplets I
167 Triplets II
168 Selective Service
170 Identification Cards (Joel Givens)
172 Location, Location, Location
175 Multiplocation

179 Moves
181 Bye Pass Operation
184 Dripple Peek (Steven Youell)
186 Underhand Shuffle
188 Backwards Prophecy
190 Bounce Control I (Tom Craven)
192 Bounce Control II (Tom Craven)
194 Budget Cut

197 Bonus Effect
199 Gotcha Covered

203 Glossary

207 Leftovers
209 Preventing Pasteboard Harassment
211 The Beam Course in Publishing Magic Magazines (Lessong #1)
216 A Personalized Invitation
218 The Trapdoor or Death

219 "Thanksgiven"

221 Index

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No. of Pages 239
First Edition Yes
Original Title Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume Two
Original Publisher Trapdoor Productions
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Original Language English
Original Publication Year 1995
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