Tricks That Mystify - Books 1 Through 4
Will Goldston
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Goldston, Will: Tricks That Mystify
Hardcover, 359 Pages

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This wonderful book combines four fascinating volumes into one. The four books are "More Modern Card Tricks" 62 pages, "Tricks That Mystify (sleights and tricks)" 87 pages, "Magical Hints, Valuable Information..." 96 pages, and "Who's Who in Magic" 114 pages. The first three books contain a great deal of entertaining effects using cards, coins, ribbon, envelopes, handkerchiefs, as well as lessons in juggling, ventriloquism, tips on presentation and how to leave an impression on an audience, etc. The fourth book, "Who's Who in Magic", is divided into three sections: Professionals, Semi-Professionals, and Amateurs. This book lists numerous magicians and a brief history of their life and career. Profusely illustrated throughout with black and white drawings and photographs.
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Born in Liverpool, England as Wolf Goldstone. Inspired at the age 11 or 12 by a box of tricks, he began learning magic. He also learned from visits with Prof. Alexander in 1892, and from reading Hoffmann's Modern Magic. His first publ;ic performance was at age 20, in 1898, as 'Carl Devo' c1898-1907, initially with a Black Art show.
He managed the Conjuring, Theatrical, and Entertainment Departments at Gamage's 1905-14. Founded The Magicians' Club in 1911, serving as Treasurer throughout ,but running it as a one-man self-serving club, until it passed into limbo in WW II. He was the owner-manager of Aladdin House (Will Goldston Ltd) 1914-48 in London. He compiled and edited the Magician's Annual magazine from 1908 to 1916. Wrote: Tricks of the Masters and Will Goldstons Exclusive Magical Secrets.