Talisman - Magic's Only Weekly Magazine
Blount, Jerry
The Genii Corporation (2011)
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USA  eng
Blount, Jerry : Talisman, Magic's Only Weekly Magazine
©1984 The Genii Corporation
Hardcover 600 pages


Talisman: America's Only Magic Weekly. Almost unknown today, this weekly magazine published in Southern California by Jerry Blount and edited by Jules Lenier is one of the lost treasures of magic. It captures the time of its publication, the Los Angeles area in 1970 and 1971, in indelible detail.

Among the contributors are Mike Skinner, Jules Lenier, Charlie Miller, Francis Carlyle, Bruce Cervon, Martin Lewis, Ron Wilson, Gene Nielsen, Hideo Kato, Clarke Crandall, J.C. Wagner, Jack Kent Tillar, Gerald Kosky, Steve Spill, Bob Wagner, Mike Perovich, Matt Corin, Milbourne Christopher, Horace Bennett, Pete Biro, Bill Miesel, Don Lawton, Jon Racherbaumer, and many more.

With almost 600 pages of text and illustrations detailing a banquet of close-up magic, Talisman is an enjoyable trip back to the sunny days in the golden age of magic in Southern California and The Magic Castle.
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