Card College Volume 3 - A Complete Course in Sleight-of-Hand Card Magic
Giobbi, Robert
Hermetic Press (1998)
In Collection
Magic tricks - Instructions
Hardcover 0-945296-22-3
USA  eng
Giobbi, Roberto: Card College Volume 3
©1998 Roberto Giobbi, Published by Hermetic Press
Hardbound, 790 pages
ISBN 0-945296-22-3


Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Foreword
2 Words for Enthusiasts
3 An Enticement to the Introduction
4 Contents
5 What Is in These Books?
6 The Principle of Reading Satisfaction
7 Principles Rather than Techniques
8 The Study
9 Trust
10 Intellect, Intuition, and Inspiration in Practice
11 The Sensuality of Card Magic
12 Gestalt
13 What Else?
14 The Prop as Instrument
15 Simplicity
16 Selecting the Right Trick
17 The Iceberg
18 The Secret
19 Some Comments on Terminology
20 Reactions to Date
21 Absolute Versus Relative Frames of Reference
22 Card College References

23 Chapter 28: Assorted Techniques and Refinements
24 The Biddle Steal
25 Counting Cards in a Fan
26 Counting Cards While Spreading Them Between the Hands
27 Setting Multiple Key Cards
28 The Spin Revelation and Display
29 The Vanish of a Card
30 The Bluff Cut
31 Holding Back a Card in the Card Case
32 The Transfer Move
33 The K. M. Move
34 The Vernon Addition
35 Tricks with Assorted Techniques and Refinements
36 The Invisible Card
37 The Four Seasons

38 Chapter 29: Techniques with Breaks, Steps and Injogs
39 Techniques with the Break
40 The Dribble Break
41 The Crocodile Technique
42 Transferring a Break from the Little Finger to the Heel of the Thumb
43 Inserting a Card into a Break
44 The Erdnase Break
45 Techniques with the Step
46 Ribbon Spread and Step
47 A Spectator Holds the Step
48 Fan and Step
49 Techniques with the Injog
50 The LePaul Automatic Jog-control
51 The Drop Jog
52 The Diagonal Insertion and Fan
53 An Injog Handling
54 Injog and Step After the Cut
55 General Reflections on Injogged Cards
56 Tricks with the Break, Step and Injog
57 The Master Grip
58 Remember and Forget

59 Chapter 30: Card Controls, Part 2
60 The Convincing Control
61 The Bluff Pass
62 A Direct Overhand Shuffle Control
63 The Logical Control
64 The Spread Crimp
65 The Bridge Control
66 Refinements and Final Thoughts
67 More Tricks Using Card Controls
68 A Sure Bet
69 Ambitious 1-2-3-4

70 Chapter 31: The Double Lift, Part 3
71 The Push-over Double
72 A Double Lift from the Center
73 Small Packet Double Lift
74 The Optical Replacement
75 The Turnover Replacement
76 The Vernon Replacement
77 A Double Lift Finesse
78 More Tricks with the Double Lift and Turnover
79 The Palindrome Cards
80 The Time Machine
81 Rise and Switch

82 Chapter 32: False Display Counts, Part 2
83 The Ascanio Spread
84 The Ascanio Spread Fan
85 The Open Display
86 The Olram Subtelty
87 The Gemini Count
88 The Over-count
89 The Multiple-lift Display Sequence
90 The Flushtration Count
91 Displaying All the Cards as Identical
92 The D'Amico Spread
93 More Tricks with False Display Counts
94 The Strasbourg Waltz
95 Set-reset Plus
96 The Dance of the Cannibals

97 Chapter 33: Riffle Shuffle Techniques, Part 2
98 The Zarrow Dynamic
99 The Zarrow Shuffle
100 The Direct Zarrow Shuffle
101 The Pull-through False Shuffle
102 Vernon's Pull-through Shuffle Variant
103 The Triumph Shuffle
104 A Combination False Shuffle
105 Controlling the Top Stock with a Riffle Shuffle
106 A Combination False Shuffle and Cut
107 The Block Transfer
108 A Red-Black False Shuffle
109 An In-The-Hands False Shuffle
110 More Tricks with Riffle Shuffle Techniques
111 Triumph
112 Dad Stevens, King of Card Cheats

113 Chapter 34: The Multiple Shift
114 The Insertion of the Cards
115 Swing Cut Multiple Shift
116 Bluff Multiple Shift
117 The Vernon Multiple Shift
118 Cardini's Overhand Multiple Shift
119 Carney's Natural Multiple Shift
120 The Simple Shift
121 The Tabled Multiple Shift
122 A Trick with the Multiple Shift
123 The Vanishing Deck

124 Chapter 35: The Faro Shuffle
125 The Partial Faro
126 The Faro Slough-off
127 The Perfect Faro
128 The Incomplete Faro Control
129 Faro Types
130 The Mathematical Basis of the Perfect Faro Shuffle
131 Mathematical Principles
132 Tricks with Faro Techniques
133 The Acrobatic Aces
134 The Two Detectives
135 Numerology

136 Chapter 36: Advanced Palming Techniques
137 The One-handed Palm
138 The Gambler's Cop
139 Management Strategies for the Gambler's Cop
140 Replacing Cards in Gambler's Cop Under the Deck
141 The Transfer Palm
142 The Loewy Palm
143 The Left-hand Bottom Palm
144 The Right-hand Bottom Palm
145 The Right-hand Bottom Palm of Multiple Cards
146 Norman Houghton's Pocket Extraction
147 Producing a Card from Your Inner Left Jacket-pocket
148 Producing a Card from Your Inner Right Jacket-pocket
149 Replacing Palmed Cards on the Bottom of the Deck
150 More Tricks with Palming
151 The Card in the Glass
152 The Open Prediction

153 Chapter 37: Color Changes
154 The Side-slip Color Change
155 The Slap Change
156 The Wave Change
157 The Houdini Color Change
158 The Flip-flop Change
159 The Fadeaway Card Change
160 Final Thoughts
161 Tricks with Color Changes
162 Through and Through
163 Holy Smoke!

164 Chapter 38: The Side Steal and Diagonal Palm Shift
165 The Side-steal Transfer
166 Covers for the Side Steal
167 The Side-steal Bottom Placement and Variations
168 The Side-steal Palm
169 The Simplified Side-steal Palm
170 The Diagonal Palm Shift
171 The Convincing Control Palm
172 Tricks with the Side-steal Transfer and Palm
173 Picnick at the Summit
174 The Return of the Phantom

175 Bibliographic Notes
176 Index

Roberto Giobbi continues his world acclaimed course, once more gathering sleights, ideas and tricks from the world's masters, some never published before. Among his topics are Breaks, Steps and Jogs, Advanced Double Lifts, Card Controls, Multiple Shifts, the Side Steal, Diagonal Palm Shift, Color Changes, the K.M. Move, the Biddle Steal and the Faro Shuffle. To contain all this select and detailed information, Volume 3 is 50 pages larger than previous volumes.

300 pages in hardcover.

Volume Three contains instruction on such invaluable sleights as the push-off double turnover, one-handed top palm, the Ascanio spread, gambler's cop, the Vernon addition, false displays and riffle shuffles, the convincing control, the Olram subtlety, and much more-including many powerful card tricks and routines. Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements, guaranteeing every reader fresh techniques and insights. Some of the topics covered in Volume Three include:

The Biddle Steal
The K.M. Move
Breaks, Steps & Injogs
Advanced Palming
Card Controls
The Zarrow Shuffle
Advanced Double Lifts
Multiple Shifts
The Pull-Through Shuffle
The Faro Shuffle
Color Changes
The Side Steal
The Diagonal Palm Shift
False Counts and Displays
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