Comedy Patter & Magic Bound Collection
Orben, Robert
Robert Orben (1951)
In Collection
Comedy, Magic
Orben, Robert: Comedy Patter & Magic Bound Collection
©1951 Robert Orben, NY
Hardcover, pages

This is a bound collection of 13 comedy magic gems. 13 pamphlets in one binding! They are 1) Ten Rules for Better Comedy, Orben 2) Comedy Technique, Robert Orben, 3) Professional Comedians Sourcebook, Orben 4) One Liners, Orben 5) Classified Comedy, Orben 6) Professional Patter, Orben 7) Patter for Standard Tricks, Orben 8) Comedy Caravan, Orben 9) The World's Fastest Card Trick, Joe Karson 10) Patter and Gags, Tiny Grant 11) Smart Talk for Magicians and MC's, George McAthy 12) Smart Business for Magicians and MC's, McAthy 13) Smart Tricks for Magicians and MC's, McAthy.
This is an extraordinary find for the comedy magician or MC. An entire career can be created with the material in this one book. Book is in good condition, showing normal wear. There is a hand written (by Jay Marshall) table of contents in the front end-papers. This is a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

Another fine item from the personal library of entertainer and bibliophile, Jay Marshall.

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First Edition Yes
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf S
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Tony Andruzzi
A.K.A. Tom Palmer

Tony Andruzzi (1925 - December 22, 1991), born Antonio C. Andruzzi in Cheyenne, Wyoming, was a professional magician. From the 1950s to the early 1970s his performances were comedy illusions. He adopted the name Tom Palmer and had his legal name changed to Thomas S. Palmer. Under the name Tom Palmer, he published several pieces of magic including The Flea Cicus Act, Modern Illusions and The Comedy Act of Tom Palmer.

He was married from 1947 to 1964 to Gloria Jacobson. In 1970 he reclaimed Antonio C. Andruzzi as an alternative legal name. He started performing in a style known as bizarre magic and became a preeminent founder and contributor to the movement. He also performed under the aliases Tony Andruzzi, Masklyn ye Mage, and Daemon Ecks.

Andruzzi made numerous notable contributions to the art of bizarre magic, ranging from major contributions to the philosophy of the artform and numerous magical effects to helping develop and maintain the community of artists. From 1981 to 1991 he was editor of the bizarre magic magazine New Invocation, one of the cornerstone publications in solidifying the movement. As a bizarrist, he published four books which are highly valued for their content, scarcity and handmade artistry: Daemon's Diary, The Necromicon of Maskelyn Ye Mage, The Legendary Scroll of Maskelyn Ye Mage (an actual handmade scroll), and Grimoire of the Mages. With Brian Flora, he produced an instructional magic video on bizarre magic called Bizarre which documents many of his notable creations as a bizarrist. In addition, he appeared in an interview with Eugene Burger on his instructional magic video Eugene Goes Bizarre. Andruzzi's contributions to the art of bizarre magic have made him a revered name in the community of bizarre magicians.