Manual Of Restaurant Magic
Charles, Kirk
Conjurers' Press (1987)
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USA  eng
Charles, Kirk: Manual of Restaurant Magic
©1987 Kirk Charles, Conjuror's Press
©1992 Hermetic Press (reprint) Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages
ISBN 0945296002
ISBN 0945296053

Comments: Typography Sandra Kort, Photography C.B. Bell.
i Foreword: Eugene Burger
1 Introducing

3 Preparing
4 Simple and Direct
5 Inoffensive
6 Easy to Carry
10 Durability and Expense
10 Re-setability
11 Angles
12 Surfaces
13 Visibility
14 The Act

15 Promoting
15 Your Appearance
18 The Photo Session
23 The Press Book
23 Business Cards

27 Selling
31 The Fee
35 Schedules
36 Work Time
36 Table Time
37 Setup
37 Dress
39 The Audition
41 The Contract

43 Working
43 The Staff

45 Secret Assistance from the Staff
47 Approaching the Table
50 Once You are There
52 Getting the Tip
58 The Give-away
60 Leaving the Table
61 Soliciting Outside Work
62 Special Performance Problems
63 Special Audiences:
63 - Children
69 - Drunks
71 - Singles
74 - Repeat Customers
78 Personalizing the Magic
79 Publicity
82 The Benefits
83 Exiting Gracefully

85 Concluding
87 Appendix I: Thetal
91 Appendix II: The Contract
93 Appendix III: The Press Release
95 Bibliography

MANUAL OF RESTAURANT MAGIC By Kirk Charles, published by The Conjurer's Press, 1987 FIRST EDITION, paperback.
This book appears to be brand new, with no wear or any sign the book has been touched. The cover says it is a "thorough guide to the business of entertaining with magic in restaurants." It claims to be "the most complete work to date on the subject of making a living with magic in restaurants." Includes advice on getting gigs, presentation, tricks, etc, all from a highly experienced magician. Endorsing quotes on the back cover by Eugene Burger, Daryl, Phil Goldstein, Billy McComb, etc. This is a great find for the magician looking for good paying gigs.

Another fine item from the private library of magician Jay Marshall.

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No. of Pages 96
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