The Card Wizard
Turner, Bill
David McKay (1949)
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Card tricks
USA  eng
Turner, Bill: How To Do Tricks With Cards
(Formerly published as The Card Wizard)
©1949 David McKay Co,
Hardcover, 194 pages
©1973 Collier Books reprint
Softcover, perfect-bound, 160 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. A great beginner's book in card magic. Teaches a solid foundation with sleights and intermediate level tricks. Not just a book of tricks. Each section teaches, and then introduces some effects using the concept taught.


5 Foreword by Henry Hay
7 Preface: A short history

17 Chapter 1: A Magic Key to Magic: physical, psychological, tricks (essay)
22 Chapter 2: Misdirection (essay)
23 A False Cut
25 The Simple Pass
28 The Card on the Wall

30 Chapter 3: The Palm, the Slip, and the Pass
30 Rules about Sleights
32 The Palm: 3 methods
37 The Card in the Book
38 The Brain Buster: Cards are fanned and spectator selects one. Card is counted to, but vanishes, to be found in the performer's pocket.
39 The Slip (top slip, slip change)
40 Cut Your Card: knife inserted into deck locates selection
40 The Prophet: Card selected with knife matches prediction
41 The Old Fashioned Pass
45 Covering the Pass
46 The Herrmann Pass (easier)
49 The Hypnotic Aces: 2 red aces in the center, 2 black Aces on top & bottom of deck. Suddenly the reds are at the top and bottom and the blacks are in the center. The deck is then spread, and the cards have returned to original locations.
50 Bridge and Shuffle: control card to top
51 The Short Card
53 The Crimp
55 The Double Cut: bring chosen to top
55 Having a Selected Card Returned
57 Chapter 4: Shuffles - fair, false, and fancy
57 Dovetail Shuffle
59 False Dovetail
60 Overhand Shuffle
61 Gambler's Shuffle: maintain a packet of cards
63 Running Cut
64 False Running Cut
65 False Triple Cut
66 One Hand Cut
68 One Hand Shuffle
69 Poker Hand application of false shuffles (stack)

71 Chapter 5: The Build Up - motivating the effect
74 The Spectator Takes Over: Spectator reverses one card behind back and inserts it into the pack, locating an earlier selection.
75 The Spelling Trick: a memory speller
76 Four Ace Trick: Aces assemble to one packet
79 The 22 Trick: Cards are dealt one into hat, one on table. This is repeated with the tabled portion until one card remains: the selection
80 Do As I Do: Spectator & Magician each shuffle, cut, peek at a card and cut again. They exchange decks. Spectator and Magician each take a selection: they match!
81 Kings & Queens: Queen of Spades to pocket, Queen of Hearts between two Red Kings. They change places (requires Double Lift, Palm)
84 Chapter 6: How to Force a Card
84 Regular Force: the Classic Force (not 100%)
86 The Bridge: Spectator cuts the deck (not 100%)
87 Three Pile Force: magician's choice
88 Touch Force: uses slip
88 Shuffle Force: overhand shuffle
89 The Card in the Cigarette: corner matches!
90 Three Alike: Three spectators all pick the same card
90 Telephone Trick: Three methods
91 Telephone Trick Number 2: As the spectator selects a card, the phone rings, and the caller tells the spectator what he just picked.
92 The Magazine Test: Magician predicts word in magazine using cards to locate the word
93 Chapter 7: Special Decks: includes short suggestions for use
93 Key Card Deck: short, narrow, wide, slick, dotted, broken, nicked
95 Pre-Arranged Deck: 8 Kings
96 Strippers
97 One Way Backs
97 Svengali Deck

99 Chapter 8: Sudden Stuff: Manipulative Magic
100 Thumb Steal Color Change
102 Slip Slide Color Change
103 Double Color Change
105 The Double Card
105 A Top Change
106 A One Hand Change
107 The Downs' Change
108 The Glide
109 The Fading Pips: The 3 of Hearts is poorly passed for an Ace on the bottom of the deck and dealt to the table, but it is found to really be the Ace of Hearts.
110 Production of a Fan of Cards
111 Vanish of the Deck: Two fans are shown, one vanishes
113 A routine of Quick Changes
114 The Fickle Heart: Card is selected and returned. Deck is put in the case. Spectator is asked to think the card to the bottom of the deck. Bottom card ends up with one pip to many, so one pip is removed!

116 Chapter 9: Gambler's Sleights
118 The Second Deal
120 Another Second Deal
121 Bottom Deal
124 Running Up a Hand
125 The Cut
129 Various Subterfuges: Glimpse bottom, top, dealing extras, the twist
130 Cheating at Bridge

133 Chapter 10: Subtle Stuff
134 The Set Up Location: card selected and returned. Cards are dealt face up to table. Cards are eliminated until only selection remains. While eliminating cards, you stack the deck for the next effect!
136 Poker Deal: using result from above
136 Think A Card: Speller using stack
137 Perfect Control: counting location
137 Sugar Perception: Cards dealt into two packets. Spectator picks one, remembers card at a certain number, and shuffles. Magician puts packets together and dicerns selection.
138 Divination Supreme: Spectator counts down to card. Magician takes second deck and finds copy of selection.
139 Super Memory: Magician glimpses cards, counts accurately the first 10, then the second 10.
140 The Photographic Eye: Magician riffles cards and memorizes them. Cards are spread face up, spectator transposes two cards, and magician (whose back was turned) knows which two were switched.
142 Chapter 11: Flourishes
143 To Spring the Cards
144 The Cascade
145 Pressure Fan
146 To Close the Fan
147 One Hand Fan
149 Blank Fan (uses blank card)
150 The Rosette
151 Eye Level Dovetail Shuffle
152 Giant Fan of Cards
154 Chapter 12: More Impromptu Tricks
155 Change About: Spectator one counts down and selects card, spectator two counts up from bottom same number and selects card. Magician returns to room and shuffled deck. Spectator one and two repeat the counts, taking the cards located. Spectator one has selected spectator's two card, and spec 2 has spec 1's card.
155 The Count-Down Trick: describes an evolution of different ways to count down to the spectator's card
157 The Salt Trick: deck is tossed and separates at spectator's selection
158 The Magnetic Cards: Two cards separated in the deck join each other
158 The Windmill: a flourish to reveal the second from top card
159 The Court Card Location: 12 court cards placed on top. Spectator counts to one of them, then shuffles & cuts the deck. Magician locates the selection.
159 Magic by Long Distance: a mathematical trick can be done over the phone

A great beginner's book in card magic. Teaches a solid foundation with sleights and intermediate level tricks. Not just a book of tricks. Each section teaches, and then introduces some effects using the concept taught.
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