Scarne's Tricks
John Scarne
Corwin Publishers,Inc. (1950)
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Magic tricks
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Scarne, John: Scarne's Trickss
©1950 by John Scarne, Corwin Publishers,Inc..
Hardcover, 256 pages
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Scarne, John
Born Orlando Carmelo Scarnecchia, he was a recognized expert of gambling cons and cheats. His passion was the demonstration of card tricks. In 1938, he was selected as one of the 10 living Stars of Cards (beside among others, Leipzig, Rosini, Cardini, Vernon). Scarne met Harry Houdini and became a personal friend. But Scarne backed off magic tricks after taking a huge splinter into his foot while jumping off a bridge -- tied up and in chains like Houdini, of course!
He wrote a booklet called Scarne on Dice to help servicemen understand how to avoid dice cheats.
Invented the board game Teeko.
Wrote: Scarne on Dice, Scarne on Card Tricks (1950), The Amazing World of John Scarne (1956) and many books on gambling and games.