Come A Little Closer
Derris, John
L & L Publishing (1998)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
Derris, John: Come a Little Closer
©1998 L&L Publishing
Photographs by John Derris & Jack Avis
Hardback, 93 pages

Abebooks price range 30.00 - 40.00

Comments: (Andrew Loh) A wonderful book and contains great magic!


vii Foreword (Peter Warlock)

viii Introduction (John Derris)

1 Session One – Jack Avis
1 Cards of Pegasus
5 The Siva Fold
8 The Siva Folded Card to Wallet
12 True Grit

14 Session Two – Bobby Bernard
14 Jet Transportation
16 BB Drops Them Again
20 H-E-A-V-Y

23 Session Three – Ted Danson
23 The Séance Card Trick
25 Give Me a Ring
27 It’s a Date

30 Session Four – John Derris
30 Monte Cristo Ring
33 One in Three
35 Hockley’s Coin Vanish
38 Staggering
43 The Big Squeeze

47 Session Five – Alex Elmsley
47 Point of Departure
49 Colour Filter
52 Card Counting Rhyme
54 No-Calc
58 Oyster Shells

61 Session Six – Arthur Holland
61 Cut and Restored Cigarette

64 Session Seven – High Scott
64 Biography
66 Fern Court Glide Bluff

69 Session Eight – Tommy Vanderschmidt
69 Repeat Card in Hat

71 Session Nine – Roy Walton
71 Knifed
74 All Hands on Deck
77 The Alternative Shift
79 The Invisible Plan

82 Session Ten
82 What’s Wrong with Magic

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No. of Pages 93
First Edition Yes
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf E
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
In 1953, a small book titled "Come A Little Closer" was published. This new edition features all of the effects originally featured in the 1953 publication, as well as many other more recent effects and routines by the contributors. As described on the inner dust jacket: "This is a book that spans forty years of a unique friendship and a shared love of magic that takes you from the halcyon days when eight young London magicians haunted the Magic Dealers, the Variety Theatres and street corner cafes every Saturday, right up to the present day." This excellent book features the close - up magic of many of the members of this close group of friends, including effects from Jack Avis, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, John Derris, Alex Elmsley, Arthur Holland, Hugh Scott, Tommy Vanderschmidt, and Roy Walton. Profusely illustrated throughout, with black and white photographs throughout. Both the book and dust jacket are in MINT condition! The dust jacket is protected with a BRODART, paper backed, Plasti-Kleer brand mylar.