Harlan Tarbell
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Original Autograph Magician HARLAN TARBELL to Magician JOE BERG, 8x10 B&W Photo

8x10 Black & White photograph with the Original Vintage Autograph of Famous Magician and Author HARLAN TARBELL to the equally Famous Magician JOE BERG. This comes from the collection of the late Joe Berg (1903-1984) and was personally obtained by Berg.

Tarbell (1890-1960) wrote and illustrated probably the most famous correspondence course in Magic the "Tarbell Course in Magic" which is still widely printed and used. He was the author of many other books on Magic and remarkably directed one film, the very first "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" for the 1933/34 Chicago World's Fair and even played Dr. Huer, the original scientist, the equivalent of the more widely known Dr. Zharkov. The sentiment as written "To the original Joe Berg in person Harlan Tarbell."

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Extras Autographed, Inscribed
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor