Everything is Funnier With Monkeys
Dixon, Doc
Doc Dixon (1997)
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Magic tricks
United States of America  eng
Dixon, Doc: Everything is Funnier With Monkeys
©1997 Doc Dixon
Paper, 106 pages

Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys

This is Great Book by Doc Dixon, It is Filled with Great Magic and Some Thought Provoking Essay's.
The Book is 106 Pages Long, and is Illustrated. It is Approx 8" x 5 1/2" Comb-Bound.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction (Dan Harlan)
2 Hello: essay and introduction
3 Can You Do It For Dunk People: essay
4 Underhanded Ambition: Two ways to end Ambitious Card Routines
5 Watch This: Face-up Ace Of Spades under watch band changes to selection
6 Smell This: selection found with sense of smell
7 Stick This: signed sticker appears on selection
8 Walkin' My Baby Back Home: wind-up doll finds selection
9 Psychic Buddies: "The Original Cootie Catcher Fold Trick"
10 Salad Bar: Essay
11 Change For The Bartender: money appears inside Gum Ball Machine
12 Memories: Essay
13 Real Estate / Words Have Meaning: Essay
14 Spitting Image: Pretzel vanishes and reappears inside envelope
15 Your Fly Is Down: Bar trick
16 Close Up Matt: another
17 Potholio: comedy Pothole trick
18 Socially Unacceptable:
20 Pec Deck: Essay
21 Whacked: Essay
22 Ethics Schmethics: Essay
23 Yuks: Essay
24 Crook Book: Pop Up Book card trick
25 Ships In The Night: Jacks change places with Aces
26 Brad Pit/Shark Wallet: Holdout Technique and Kaps/Balducci Wallet for an Envelope Load
27 Cards & Cash: Card and signed bill transpose
28 Clean: A non-table Poker Deal
29 Pinky Shift: Signed Card At Any Number
30 Carpe Cajones: An Open Index Concept
31 Reshuffled: Resetting Version Of Unshuffled
32 Bye Bye: Essay
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