Talks For Tricks
Schulte, G.F.
G. F. Schulte (1916)
In Collection
USA  eng
Schulte, G.F.: Talks for Tricks
©1916 G.F. Schulte, Chicago
Hardcover, 37 pages

Comments: Patter for various tricks


6 Preface
7 Introduction
8 Opening Remarks
9 The Vanishing Alarm Clock
11 Glass Pitcher, Ink and Hat Trick
13 The Spirit Slates
16 The Paper Tearing Trick
17 The Wine and Water Trick
19 The Fortune Telling Ball
22 The Magic Soup Plate
23 The Spirit Painting
25 The Hindu Needle Trick
27 The Germaine Water Trick
29 The Fishing Trick
31 Comedy Hat Production
33 Creation of the Stars and Stripes
36 The Table Lifting Trick
37 Concluding Remarks
39 Memoranda

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