Drawing Room Deceptions
Hollingworth, G.W.R.
Mike Caveney's Magic Words (1999)
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Hollingworth, Guy: Drawing Room Deceptions
©1999, Published by Magic Words
Illustrated by the author
Hardbound, 311 Pages

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Comments: (Hunter Higgins) Great book containing the eccentric card magic of Guy Hollingworth. Guy's magic is original and refreshing. Most of the effects require a considerable amount of practice. Highly recommended.


7 Publisher's Note
11 Prologue: with regard to the difficulties facing the author and the validity of prologues

18 One: concerning cards that turn over, move position, separate in colour and generally perform amusing feats; including:
21 Waving the Aces
31 A second version thereof
39 Oil and Water
43 Cherchez la Femme
44 The Hofzinser Problem
45 Other Thoughts

47 Two: pertaining to the difficulty of magic and the merits of bespoke tailoring; including:
48 The penetration of Cards Through a Jacket
62 Travelers
65 An Ambidextrous Interchange
78 A "One Card" Routine
83 Other Thoughts

87 Three: regarding items of stationery and the significance of good fortune; including:
89 The control of chosen cards
96 An Ace Assembly
106 The Homing Card
114 Cannibal Cards
118 Other thoughts

121 Interval: including a variety of eccentricities; such as:
122 The shift
133 Methods for controlling and palming
150 Switching cards
159 False dealing
169 False shuffling

179 Four: incorporating a number of dishonest practices; including:
181 A Gambling Routine
192 A More Light-Hearted Routine
202 "Call to the Colours"

217 Five: in which an inspector calls, and we discuss his deceit; including:
219 A Destroyed and Reproduced Card
230 A Card at any Number
237 A Card Stab

243 Six: containing an assortment of items, involving boxes, unusual shuffling and the fall of Troy; including:
243 Three Cards under a Box
251 A Triumph Routine
264 The Cassandra Quandary

275 Epilogue: during which a method for tearing and restoring a card is discussed.

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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Very good condition, tight, clean, with no prior owner markings. Gilt and black decoration and lettering on cloth. A book produced with the same elegance as the material it teaches. Containing 313 pages of detailed descriptions and explanations of numerous original sleight of hand card conjuring effects, as well as suggestions and ideas concering further uses of the principles discussed and other miscellaneous matters, with over 150 drawings by the author. This is the first printing, first edition.


Guy Hollingworth
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Guy Hollingworth (born 1974) is an English barrister, conjuror, author and lecturer. As a conjuror he is known for his skillful performances of card magic and for his books and lectures in which he presents original tricks and routines.


Hollingworth first became interested in magic at the age of 13,when he was a pupil at St Paul's School, a private school in west London. The school has a magic club called The Prestige Society, which Hollingworth joined in preference over activities such as classics or sports practice which he would otherwise have been expected to do. He was inspired by seeing footage of magician Channing Pollock, which was shown as part of the television series The Best of Magic, broadcast by Thames Television in 1989-90. Hollingworth has stated that he was also influenced during the same period by seeing Ricky Jay perform on the Channel 4 television series Secret Cabaret. Hollingworth began his performing career with a show at the school open day.[1] He later graduated in industrial design and subsequently in law. At the same time he continued performing magic as well as developing new tricks. Such was his success that he also began to be asked to give lectures to other magicians. He currently works full-time as a barrister but continues to give occasional magic performances.

Hollingworth's best known creation is his trick The Reformation, in which a signed playing card is torn into four pieces and then visibly restored one piece at a time. He is also well known for his book, Drawing Room Deceptions. Some of his card magic is presented in his videos The London Collection and Routines. He was also featured on NBC's World's Greatest Magic III TV special. In August 2008, he presented a well-received show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival entitled "Expert at the Card Table", which was based on a 1902 book of the same title.


FISM Lecture Notes (limited edition)
Drawing Room Deceptions
Quartet: A card and ten routines therewith
Waiting for Inspiration Lecture Notes


The Reformation (limited edition)
The London Collection

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Quartet - a playing card, included with a booklet of 10 routines or separately in packs of 3
Once Upon a Time - a small fairy tale book featuring three magical routines suitable for children

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The World's Greatest Magic III (USA)
Heroes of Magic (UK)
Illusoes with Luis de Matos (Portugal)
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