Folio No. 3 Close-Up Mentalism
Trost, Nick
Trik-Kard Specialties (1979)
In Collection
Magic Tricks - Mentalism
stapled manuscript 
USA  eng
Trost, Nick: Folio No. 3 Close-Up Mentalism
©1979 Nick Trost, Trik Kard Specialties
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages

Comments: 8 Mental routines

1 Three Object Divination
2 Judah's Computer Cards
5 Three-Way Prediction
7 Newspaper Prediction
10 Number Cards Routine
11 Message Cards
14 Prediction With Six Dice
15 4 Person Mental Effect
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No. of Pages 16
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Condition Very Fine
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