The Boy Magician: 160 Amazing Tricks & Sleights Of Hand
The Editors of Popular Mechanics
Hearst Books (2008)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 9781588167545
USA  English
The American Showcase: The Boy Magician: 160 Amazing Tricks & Sleights Of Hand
©2008 Hearst Books
Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN-13: 9781588167545
ISBN-10: 1588167542

With The Boy Mechanic, The Boy Mechanic Makes Toys and the recently released The Boy Camper, Popular Mechanics brought vintage boyhood into the 21st century. Now, the magazine has conjured up another captivating miscellany: 156 marvelous magic tricks from Popular Mechanics’ issues of long ago. Featuring everything from sleight-of-hand to disappearing coins, mysterious spinning eggs to optical illusions, this latest collection captures all the appeal of American ingenuity at the start of the last century. Like the others in the series, it’s flexibound for easy use and packed with appealing, nostalgic illustrations. And, in the Popular Mechanics tradition of making science fun, The Boy Magician also offers tricks based on chemistry and physics, such as Fire from Ice and the Secret Ink Well. So for the child in all of us who always wanted to know the secrets behind astounding feats of illusion…The Boy Magician reveals all!
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