Tricks From The Wax Museum
Frost, Ron
D. Robbins & Co. (1980)
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Frost, Ron: Tricks From the Wax Museum
©1980 Ron. Frost Productions, Pub by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Paper, stapled, 38 pages

This booklet is a compilation of some of Ron's favorite effects from his lecture utilizing wax. Unfortunately, many magicians overlook the many applications of wax in magic. It is probably the most useful of all the accessories that are available to magicians. It is also probably the most overlooked.
This booklet by Ron Frost makes an exciting contribution toward exploring the endless possibilities using wax in magic.

Comments: Using Magician's Wax. Cover Illustration by Joseph Wierzbicki

4 Ron Frost: brief biography
5 Foreword (Ron Frost)
7 Your Choice/My Choice: spectator chooses 1 of 5 jumbo blank cards on a stand, and the prediction matches
10 When the Chips are Down: poker chips and envelopes match
13 Unxplained?!: mentalist marks a jumbo card, which matches the spectator's selection
17 Your Number's Up: variation of Your Choice/My Choice
20 Pencil Flight Four: selected pencil transposes from one envelope to another
23 The Glasshopper: coin penetrates card into glass
26 Diminishing Dice: two in the hand and one in the pocket, with surprise ending
30 The Swatter: pile is hit with fly swatter and reveals selection
33 It's Lost?: a letter card is Lost (Use for your alphabet cards; needs two S's)
36 That's It!: packet trick

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