Gold Mine Of Magic
Gravatt, Glenn
Lloyd E. Jones Limited (1977)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Hardcover 0-915926-20-2
USA  eng
Gravatt, Glenn: Gold Mine Of Magic
©1977 Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited
Hardcover, 232 pages

Comments: B&W Illustrated diagrams. A wealth of material from Glenn Gravatt, written after 70 years in the business. All effects were new, practical, inexpensive, easy, and props are easy to obtain. All routines include full presentation. Everything from close-up to mentalism to stage.

Contents (source book ToC):

1 Chapter One Some Unique & Unusual Wonders
1 Chameleon Spots
4 Gravatt's Instantaneous Triple Penetration
7 Crazy Colors
11 Color Spots Get Together
13 Punctured Poker Chip
14 Crystal Tube and Patriotic Blocks
16 Block and Cord Escape
18 The Wonderful Thingamajig
20 Stab-a-Ring
21 String Loops Entwined
22 Color Changing Cards
25 New Floating Ball
25 Visible Penetration
28 Chapter Two Rings, Strings & Other Things
28 Ring Penetration
31 Ring Penetration Variations
31 Borrowed Ring on Loop of String
34 Ring Off Thumb
35 Ring-A-String
36 Color Ring Penetration
37 String-A-Color
38 Ring Flight
40 Chapter Three Unusual Mysteries With Coins
40 Sawing a Dime in Half
42 Coin Folds
45 Passe Passe Coins
46 Three Coins In the Fountain
47 Follow the Leader Coins
48 Chapter Four Strange and Incredible Coincidences
48 Color Control
50 Quadruple Coincidence (Four Boxes)
52 Triple Coincidence With Cups and Balls
53 Color Spot Mystery
56 Color Spot Mystery No. 2
56 Word Matching
60 Four Letter Word
63 Chapter Five ESP and Other Mental Demonstrations
63 Box and Tissue Divination
64 Extrasensory Perception
67 Improved Symbols of Satan
71 Seven Symbols of Satan
76 ESP Control
78 Color Divination
79 ESP Miracle Cube
82 Miracle ESP Cube (Variation)
83 Miracle ESPcube (Expanded)
83 The Antique Medallion
85 Die Divination
87 Silk In A Sack
87 Cigarette Divination
88 Communicating With The Spirits
89 Chapter Six Novelties And Innovations Using Envelopes
89 The Gravatt Trick Envelope
91 Matching Color Chips
91 Color Chip Prediction
92 Envelope And String Mystery
94 Color Prophecy
95 Spotting The Spot
96 Ecology
99 Chapter Seven Captive Ring Tricks
99 The Captive Ring (An Introduction)
100 Transposing The Colors
102 Improved Color Transposition
103 Chosen Ring Escape
104 Release Of Chosen Ring
104 The Double Cord
105 The Block Escape
105 Through The Wall
106 Borrowed Ring Penetration
106 Two Ring Cutie
107 Chapter Eight New Sorcery With Silks
107 Silk And Crystal Boxes
108 Gravatt's New Blendo
110 Magical Silk Tie
112 Crystal Tube Mystery
114 Animated Silks And Rope
116 Silks From A Folder
117 Visible Silk Appearance
118 "Back In Place" Silk Mystery
119 Color Transference
120 Silk And Glass Production
121 Silk Target
122 Silk Fake
125 Chapter Nine Some Unique Card Mysteries
125 Flying Spots
126 Double Detection
128 Invisible Flight - Cards And Envelopes
131 Gravatt's Double Match
132 Unique Card Coincidence
133 The Windmill
136 Rope A Card
137 New X-Ray
139 Thought Anticipated
141 Chapter Ten More Card Miracles
141 The George Dean Force
142 Card Caper
142 Strange Coincidence
144 Kings Become Aces
144 Passe Passe
145 Double Surprise
147 New Card From Pocket
148 Easy Card From Pocket
148 A Horse Of Another Color
151 Chapter Eleven Card Tricks Using Steel Cards
151 Steel Playing Cards Their Use In Magic
152 Unique Card Revelation
153 Travelling Cards
153 Diminishing Card
153 Magic Fishing
154 Steel Card Sucker Trick
154 Novel Card Revelation
155 Controlled Selection
156 The Lazy Magician
156 Card And Die Coincidence
157 Find The Queen
158 Card Antics
159 Card Divination
161 Birds Of A Feather
163 Chapter Twelve Miscellaneous Effects Using Steel Cards
163 Gravatt’s Jumping Flea
165 Four Object Assembly Supreme
167 Card With Invisible Hole
168 Passe Passe Poker Chip
169 Wish I Knew How It Was Done
170 Color Changing Button
171 Triple Color Change
171 Spool, Coin And Card Mystery
172 Continuous Card Penetration
173 Magic Glue
173 Glass, Card And Button Mystery
174 Mysterious Penetration
176 Chapter Thirteen A Mixture of Magical Marvels
176 Joining the Colors
177 The Thief of Bagdad
181 Flying Knots
183 Penetrative Knife
184 Card Cubes
188 Magic Whiskey Glass
188 Multiple Liquor Production
189 Anti-Gravity Production
190 Cockeyed Checker Board
191 Four-To-One Golf Balls
193 Color Changing Knife
197 Rainbow Balls
202 Chapter Fourteen Last Minute Additions
202 Completing The Colors
204 Flash Silk Appearance
206 Flash Silk Appearance No 2
206 Nickel Divination
207 Penetration Puzzle
209 The Enchanted Ring
210 Card Control
213 Color Mixup
215 Psychic Spots
218 Crystal Clear Esp - Improved
221 Mystery Of The Four Jacks
223 "Write” On Target
226 Improved Symbols Of Satan
230 Appendix Printing Errors In “Treasure Trove Of Tricks.”

Product Details
No. of Pages 232
First Edition Yes
Rare Yes
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Gravatt, Glenn G.
Glenn Gravatt became interested in magic as a child growing up in Kansas. At the age of 8 years he was already demonstrating magic for his friends and family. From Kansas, he went to California, where he worked as a newspaper reporter. He wrote " Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks" (2 volumes, 1936 and 1937; later published under the byline of Jean Hugard under the title " Encyclopedia of Card Tricks." In writing the "Jap Box Tricks" in 1937, Gravatt effectively named this box for all time.

Invented: Extratour, Rope Appear, Visible Silk on Rope Appearance, Flying Silk and Ropes, Visible Rope and Ring Penetration, Rope-Silk-Bracelet Combination, Coat-Rope-Rings, No Clue Divination (1977),Five Cube Divination (1977), Psychic Spot (1976), Thimble Fantasy (1960), Card and Dagger (1956), Spooky Paper (1945), Multiple Match (1956), Magical Horse Race (1956), Percepo (1960), Close-up Cup Suspension (1958), The Antique Medallion, Color Ring Transpo, The Mystery of the Seven Veils, Super Penetration, Tube to Cigarettes, Color Riddle, 20th Century in Reverse, Ideal Solid Thru Solid, Dual Silk Production, Kondax (1921).
Compiled: Thayer Quality Magic Volumes 1-4 (1978-1981), Encyclopedia of Self-Working Card Tricks (1936-37)

Wrote: 50 Modern Card Tricks, 50 More Modern Card Tricks, Gold Mine of Magic, Jap Box Tricks (1937)