Lessons in Conjuring
David Devant
Routledge & Sons, Ltd (1922)
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Magic tricks - History
England  English
Devant, David: Lessons in Conjuring
©1922 G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd
Hardcover, 152 pages

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Hardbound, 1922, 152 pps, Routledge, London. Classic text for any serious student. Great book for any collection. Book shows some signs of damage to spine. Inside cover and back cover show signs of removed book plate? Dark staining. Overall condition is above average.

Comments:Available as an e-Book from Conjuring Arts, Lybrary.com and The Miracle Factory.

vii Introduction
1 Chapter I The Thirty Card Trick
8 Chapter II The Cards Up the Sleeve
20 Chapter III The Diminishing Cards
27 Chapter IV The Cricket Bat Trick: chosen cards are caught on a cricket bat
37 Chapter V The Multiplication of Money: with coins and a plate
46 Chapter VI The Coin and the Envelopes: coin appears in nested envelopes, with a kicker ending
62 Chapter VII The Dyed Handkerchiefs
72 Chapter VIII The Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs
79 Chapter IX The Watch, Glass, and Handkerchief
86 Chapter X The Lawyer's Cracker: based on the handkerchief vanishing wand
93 Chapter XI A Simple Thought-Reading Experiment
95 Chapter XII Wartime Cookery: dove pan trick
100 Chapter XIII The Egg Bag: using a heavy egg, routine for children's show
109 Chapter XIV The Ropes and Rings: stage version of Grandmother's Necklace
122 Chapter XV The Cups and Balls: using standard cups and four balls, with large load explanation
141 Chapter XVI Flowers from Nowhere
147 Chapter XVII My Drawer Box: an improved version

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No. of Pages 152
First Edition Yes
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Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Devant, David
Born in Highgate, London, England. Stage name since 1885 of David Wighton, son of Scottish landscape artist James Wighton. Learned around age 15 from a book. Debut in 1885. Pro illusionist and manipulator. In 1905 taken on as partner by J. N. Maskelyne. First president of The Magic Circle 1905-06. Gave Royal Command Performances 1912 and 1913. Left partnership with Maskelyne in 1915 to go on his own. In 1920, he retired from stage because of illness (paralysis agitans) but continued as writer and teacher.
Prolific inventor, including Artist's Dream (1893), Color Change (1893), the Vest Servante (around 1893), Birth of Flora (1895), Mascot Moth (1905), the New Page (1906) and Vanishing Motorcycle (1913).
Wrote: Hand Shadows (1901), Magic Made Easy (1911), Lessons in Conjuring (1922), Tricks for Everyone: Clever Conjuring with Common Objects (1925), My Magic Life (1931), Secrets of My Magic (1936)
Coauthored: Our Magic with J. Nevil Maskelyne (1911)