Mind Square
Snader Jr., Craige McComb,
Exclusive Magical Publications (1985)
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Snader, Craige McComb, Jr.: Mind Square
©1985 Craige McComb Snader, Jr.
Exclusive Magical Publications, Mexico
Hardcover, One of Only 25 Hardcover Copies! 1985 First Edition

One of Only 25 Hardcover Copies! 1985 First Edition "Mind Square" by Craige McComb Snader, Jr., M.A., M.M.C.

Hardcover book is 84 pages long. Features black and white illustrations throughout. Prologue by Stanton Carlisle. Epilogue by Bruce Bernstein. As described on the book advertisment, "Mind Square is a magic square, but like nothing seen before. Once learned, it can be done in the nude, for ANY number - POSITIVE or NEGATIVE!" Bruce Bernstein had the following to say about this book: "I can assure you that within this book is a routine guaranteed to stun any and all watching it... Even knowing most of the available short cuts myself, I was amazed at all the extra touches... Halfway through when he told me what squares were already filled and with what values, I knew I was seeing something unique." This book features an attached silk bookmark.

Book is in overall near MINT condition, with light rubbing to the covers.

Comments: A Magic Square for Any Number, Positive or Negative on a second's notice, anywhere.


vii Prologue (Stanton Carlisle)
ix Introduction

1 Chapter 1 The Background
5 Chapter 2 Today's Presentation
19 Chapter 3 Mnemonics
31 Chapter 4 Mathematics
43 Chapter 5 Performance Tips
53 Chapter 6 A Brief Review
55 Appendix A Drawing & Lettering
61 Appendix B The Instant Mind Square
69 Appendix C Answers
71 Appendix D Annotated Bibliography
83 Epilogue (Bruce Bernstein)

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