Tricks In Magic - VOL III
Burlingame, H.J.
The Clyde Publishing Company (1898)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  English
Burlingame, HJ: Tricks in Magic Vol III
©1898 The Clyde Publishing Company
Softcover, 63 pages

Comments: An expose of several stage illusions

Contents (from an electronic version, page numbers may not match original book):

2 Preface
2 Buatier's Human Cage
4 Buatier In a Fix: a trick gone wrong
5 Morrit's Cabinet
7 Maskelyn's Spiritualistic Couch
8 The Bust Illusion
12 The Climbing Ring: finger ring climbs a wand
13 The Magic Tambourine
14 The Great Dictionary Trick: book test
16 The Flying Thimble
18 Another Metempsychosis
23 A Patented Thought Reading Trick
27 Euclid Outdone, or the Spirit Mathematician
29 Frederick Bancroft, Conjurer - His Career
32 Bibliotheca Magica: Bibligraphy of magic books through 1898, extensive list through page 63, with English, German, and French works

-Also included in rear of this Rare title is:

"Bibliotheca Magica- A Classified List of Important Works on Natural and Occult Magic",
by H.J. Burlingame. Pub. by The Clyde Pub. Co., Cicago, Illinois- 34 pages.....

Description/ Condition: This Rare, Antique softbound title is Complete & Intact...
All pages and both covers are in "near mint, original" Condition...
Abit of normal age-related wear, but No Damage Noted...

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No. of Pages 63
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
H. J. Burlingame

Hardin Jasper Burlingame (June 14, 1852 - August 27, 1915), born in Manitowec, Wisconsin, was a professional magician for a brief time but more noted as a magic dealer and author.


His father and mother were among the earliest settlers of Chicago. After living in Wisconsin for some time, they moved back to Chicago. When he was about twenty, Burlingame went to Holland, subsequently traveling throughout Europe on foot as correspondent for an American paper.

Burlingame took lessons from David Tobias Bamberg (Okito's father) in Europe and eventually used the stage name "Jasper Bamberg" while performing in Chicago.

After having returned to live in Chicago for some years he returned to Europe and made a professional tour as a conjurer. He then came back to America, residing in Baltimore and Cincinnati, finally back to his old home of Chicago to settle down.

At one point, operated 3 businesses at the same time. Chas. L. Burlingame & Co. (manufacturing apparatus and illusions), Ralph E. Sylvestre & Co. (specializing in stage mindreading and fake mediums) and George L. Williams & Co. (for the general public)

His gradual bad health culminated in a general nervous breakdown forcing him to leave Chicago and take a long rest. In 1907, he moved to Syracuse, Indiana where he resided until his death.


Leaves from Conjurers' Scrap Books (1891)
Around the World with a Magician and Juggler (1893)
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. I (1895)
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. II (1896)
Herrmann The Magician, His Life, His Secrets (1897)
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. III (1898) which contians "Bibliotheca Magica", one of the first comprehensive bibliographies on magic.
How To Read People's Minds (1905)
Magician's Handbook: Tricks and Secrets of the World's Greatest Magician Herrmann The Great (1942)


The Mahatma, Dec 1898
Stanyon's Magic, July 1901
The Sphinx, Oct 15, 1915

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