Luxor Gali Gali (Mahgoub Mohammed Hanafi)
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Luxor Gali Gali Early Magician Signed Photo Chicks & Cups

Luxor Gali Gali; signed 8x10 B&W publicity photo, showing his famous cups & chicks trick; photo by Garbo, Chicago; quite a bit of creasing, some curl, but would mat and frame well; Note that he spells “wishes” as “washes” in the inscription; Good RARE
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Extras Autographed, Inscribed
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Luxor Gali Gali (1902-1984)
(Mahgoub Mohammed Hanafi)

Known by his stage name of Luxor Gali-Gali, was an Egyptian magician who migrated to the United States and died in Las Vegas, Nevada. (b. October 23, 1902; Port Said, Egypt - d. October 1, 1984; Las Vegas, Nevada
He was born in Port Said, Egypt on October 23, 1902. He was married to Gabrielle X (1910-2001)
He migrated to New York City around 1933-1935 and became an American citizen on November 8, 1944.
His magic act consisted of cups and balls with baby chicks instead of balls.
He appeared on the The Ed Sullivan Show and Cavalcade of Stars in 1949.
He died on October 1, 1984 in Las Vegas, Nevada at age 82) (from Fandom Familypedia)