Thirty-Two Impromptu Card Tricks - and How To Perform Them
Arthur Felsman
Arthur P. Felsman (1930's)
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Magic tricks
Felsman, Arthur P.: Thirty-Two Impromptu Card Tricks
and How to Perform Them
©1930 (circa) Arthur P. Felsman, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 24 pages

©1955 A.P. Felsman, Top Hat Magic Co., IL

Comments: Available as an eBook from; that version has an effect not found in some other editions (noted below)

1 Fifteen Cards Trick: cards magically transfer from one envelope to another
2 Addition to the Above Trick
2 An Easy Card Location: using a thick card
3 A Mind Reading Effect: card trick for 5, 6, or 7 people
4 Long Distance Mind Reading: clever two magician trick using a partial stack
6 The Seven and Eight Trick: selections immediately produced behind back
6 A Mindreading Trick With Cards: to name the top card in three or more packets of cards
7 The Seven Card Trick: you will select the seven pile
7 Yorick's Dream Card Trick: location of card predicted
8 Card Reading Extraordinary: magician reads cards dropped into a hat
8 Improved Spelling Trick: packet spelling
9 The Latest Dice and Card Effect: selection found by use of dice
10 A Simple Card Location: reversed card finds selection
10 A Spelling Bee: with arragned deck
11 You Do As I Do: with cards
12 The Pass: a no sleight method to get bottom card to top
13 A Miracle Card Effect: for the more advanced card man
14 The Pre-Arranged Pack: a deck stack
14 - Effect 1
15 - Effect 2
15 - Effect 3
15 - Effect 4
15 An Easy Location: with borrowed cards
16 How to Tell All the Red and Black Cards in the Deck: with variation
> Trickshop version: How to Name One of Twenty Five Cards: with accomplice
16 Mental Telepathy: Note - this trick cuts off
17 A Wonderful Prediction, An Easy Force: with borrowed deck
17 The Five Card Trick: magician determines which of 5 cards was selected
18 The Eyes of the Joker: using the pre-arranged deck
18 Concentration: mental telepathy trick
20 The Telephone Card Trick: person called will name selected card
21 Selected Card to Pocket
22 Mysterious Mental Selection: again magician determines which of 5 cards selected
23 Another You Do as I Do
23 The Mind Reading Joker: Joker reads bottom card of four piles
23 The Mind Reading Joker Effect No. 2: variation
24 Reversed Card Trick: reversed card finds selection
24 The Vanishing Ace: Ace inserted into deck reappears

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