Street Magic - An illustrated history of wandering magicians and their conjuring arts
Edward Claflin; Jeff Sheridan
Kaufman and Company (1998)
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USA  eng
Claflin, Edward & Jeff Sheridan: Street Magic
©1977 Edward Claflin and Jeff Sheridan
Dolphin Books, Doubleday & Co., NY (softcover)
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 156 pages
©1998 2nd Edition, Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, 156 pages
ISBN-13: 9780385128643
ISBN-10: 0385128649

Comments: With a new foreword in 1998 by Jeff Sheridan. From the back cover, "Street Magic is a romantic history of the world's most elusive conjurers - the itinerant magicians who, from ancient times to the present, have made the world their stage. Here are the tales of the tribal shamans of North America, of Hindu fakirs and oriental illusionists, medieval mountebanks, European street jugglers, fairground hucksters, charlatans, mediums, and mystics."

Contents (Chapters only):

ix Introduction
1 Tribal Ways and Ancient Traces
13 Mysteries of the Fakirs
25 Hindu Tricks and Wonders
35 Oriental Fantasies
47 Jugglers, Mountebanks and Necromancers
59 Wandering Magicians and Their Arts
73 Conjuring at the Fair
87 Stage Illusions and Street Diversions
101 The Age of Houdini
113 Street Magic and Kindred Spirits
125 Street Magic Today
145 Vanish
147 Selected Annotated Bibliography
151 Index

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