Original Ideas
Chambers, Lloyd W.
Lloyd W. Chambers (1941)
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Magic tricks
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Chambers, Lloyd W.: Original Ideas
©1941 Lloyd W. Chambers
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 26 pages

A master craftsman reveals some of his most prized magical effects!

Lloyd W. Chambers is well-known in magic and collector circles for having built some very fine examples of the conjuror's craft for the likes of Thayer, Abbott, and his own Chambers Magic Co.

Within the pages of this ebook are 26 magic effects, many of them offered for sale individually in dealer catalogues for prices far exceeding the price of the entire book!

Here's a look at the contents:

1 L-W-C Telepathy
2 Fisherman's Mat
3 How Time Flies
4 Mawe's Telepathy
5 A Match for You
6 The Flying Ball
7 Acrobatic Ash Tray
8 Confetti-Candy Cylinder
9 Shooting Through a Woman
10 New Coin Vanish
11 Incomprehensible Predictability
12 Ghost Tube
13 Impossible Spirit Test
14 Molecular Cards
15 Coingo
16 New Wine and Water
17 Cardart
18 Hydrostatic Tumbler
19 Floto
20 Ethereal Cards
21 Spirit Ball
22 Confetti to Candy
23 Match Stretcher
24 Vanishing Hindu Sticks
25 A Magical Surprise
26 Transribbo
Appendix A: 1941 Price List

Three of the described effects, "Cardart" (a dart tossed at a moving target with 12 cards clipped to it reveals the selected card); "How Time Flies" (a bowl of flames changes to a bowl of flowers to a clock face); and "Transribbo" (a cut and restored ribbon using a marked and autographed ribbon) sold for more than $170 EACH in equivalent US dollars.

Chambers elected to include his beautifully crafted Spirit Ball (Obedient Ball) effect that uses an examinable ball!

Product Details
Edition 1st printing
No. of Pages 26
First Edition Yes
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Home Magic Library
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Lloyd W. Chambers

Born: Lloyd Waldron Chambers
May 19, 1906
Clearwater, Kansas

Died: January 15, 1960 (age 53)
Clearwater, Kansas

Lloyd W. Chambers (1906-1960) was a semi-professional magician and owner of Chambers Manufacturing Co.[1][2]


Early in his magic career, he performed at lodges and schools as Waldy Waldron.

Chambers taught school from 1933 to 1941 in Topeka then became superintendent and joined the Navy as senior lieutenant in 1941.

After the war, he made equipment in wood for the magic fraternity. At one time he was with Floyd Thayer and Percy Abbott. [3]

Chambers was a contributor to Genii, Sphinx and the Linking Ring. He was a member of the I.B.M., P.C.A.M., S.A.M., and a charter member of the M.D.A.


Original Ideas in Magic (1941)

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