Secret Seminars Of Magic With Patrick Page - 5 - sponge balls
L&L Publishing
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Patrick Page brings his decades of knowledge and experience to bear on this classic of magic. Sponge Ball magic is a feature of just about every professional magician's repertoire and in this course you will learn more than enough to add it to your arsenal.

Contents include: Fake Take Vanish, Finger Pinch Vanish, Benson Bowl Routine, Blow Up, Jump, Multi-Ball Production , Repeat Ball Production, Color-Changing Sponge, Balls From Mouth, Color Change With Dye Tube, Ball To Silk, Patrick Page Professional Routine, Finale With Three Balls, Split, Impromptu Hold Out, From A Purse Frame, With A Thumb Tip, From A Chop Cup, Chop Hat Routine, Balls Through Table Under Hat and more.

This is volume five in the Secret Seminars Of Magic series. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: VHS: 198?, DVD: March 2005. Running time: Approximately 43 minutes.
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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