Ellusionist (2008)
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Revolution Coin Vanish

Shatters the convention of what sleight of hand can accomplish
Revolution shattered the conventional wisdom of what sleight of hand could accomplish.
Ellusionist has raised the bar with this sleeveless, visual, both-hands-empty true vanish of a coin or any small object.
A hands-on 30 minute training video takes you through the ins and outs of this easy illusion and demonstrates applications of the miracle effect.
Revolution is such a thrill to perform that you will stand in front of your mirror just watching yourself do it and not believing what you are seeing every time.
No threads, no pulls, no loops, no magnets. No sleeves. Whatever you're thinking it is, it isn't that.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Created by Kevin Parker, taught by Brad Christian
Learn step-by-step how to perform revolution
No threads, no pulls, no loops, no magnets. No sleeves.
Can be used with more than just coins, and is more than just a vanish.