Book List

The Restaurant Workers Handbook

150 Comedy Props

Bells Book of Tricks

Bell's Magic Book

Entertaining ESP

Magic Page by Page

The Big Book Of Magic

The Pull Book

The Topit Handbook

Magic by Gosh


Building Plans-Rolon Tom Palmer's Great Table

Modern Illusions

The New Book Of Magic

New Ways to Mystify

Magical Gems: A Memorial

The Magician's Handbook

Okito On Magic

Okito On Magic

Amazing Card Tricks

Card Tricks Anyone Can Do

Card Tricks Anyone Can Do

M for Magic

The Magic Of Pavel

The Magic Of Pavel

The New Screts Of Pavel

Hokus pokus

Hokus pokus

Hokus Pokus: Coin Tricks

Roger Klause In Concert

The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius

The Expositor

Evening Amusements For Everyone

Magic for Dummies

Illusions For Princes or Paupers

Dove Pan-orama

Table hopping

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