Gregory Wilson In Action - Volume 3
L&L Publishing (2005)
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USA / English
DVD  Region 1

Gregory Wilson In Action! - Volume 3:

•Time Card - A tidy technique for telling time with a deck of cards.
•The Slot Machine Scam - A secret way to scam, sham and flim-flam a real slot machine for a real jackpot! You'll immediately book the next flight to Vegas after watching this.
•Chip on Shoulder - An appearing and disappearing casino chip—with a very surprising Apollo Robbins finish. See title.
•Cut Throat - An impressive demonstration to find all four Aces with a casino cut card.Greg has used this on a number of TV talk shows.
•Foreign Affair - Each time you fold a one dollar bill, it changes into another country's currency—from a Pound to a Euro to a Ruble to a Yen—and finally into a perfectly examinable hundred dollar bill!

•Garret Thomas’ The Ring Thing
•Son of a Switch
•Stunt Double
•Bounce No-Bounce
•King-Size Travelers
AND bonus footage of Greg's 20-minute (performance-only) stand-up comedy magic show from a top casino-resort in Lake Tahoe.
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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