Learn Closeup Card Magic From The - Arizona Card Expert
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The Arizona Card Expert, Steve Ehlers, teaches his most amazing card tricks ever!

Sit and watch for his secrets as he takes you through 12 different card tricks.

This is advanced card magic. Not for beginners.

Motor Ace Production - Steveorino's 5000 Automatic Card Finder...
Dream Catcher - The Card Trick With A Story...
Melvin The Mind Reading Frog - Melvin Does It Blind Folded!
Card In The Mouth - Your Card Appears In Steve's Mouth...?
The Mysterious Kid - The Mysterious Card Cutter...
Intuition Monty - Magically All Aces Are Pulled Out..
Stacking - Steve Stacks The Deck For A Magical Ending...
Pseudo Muck - It Is Possible To Cheat At Black Jack!
Travelers Under Pressure - Magically Cards Come Out Of His Pockets...
Almost Johnson - Almost Real Card Magic...
Third Times A Charm - Signed Card Magically Goes the Distance...
Three Card Location - Steve's Card CLOSER!
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No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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