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The Professional Routines Of Ron Fredrick
Zollweg, Ron
Unikorn Magik (1982)
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Zollweg, Ron: The Professional Routines of Ron Fredrick
(As Told to Ron Zollweg)
©1982 Published by "unikorn magik"
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 47 pages

2nd of 2 copies

Comments: Illustrated by Suzanne Astolf, Edited by Ed Eckl. Includes a few line drawings. These three routines are excellent. If you have a need for a good sponge ball routine, chop cup routine, or a silk routine in which the silk is used as a rope, this booklet is highly recommended.


4 Introduction: About Ron Fredrick and his magic
7 The Babushka Routine: A series of knots and flourishes with a large 36-inch scarf, practical for an opening routine. In five phases. Caution: the scarf takes quite a beating, so get one of durable strength!
24 The Sponge Routine: Suitable for bar or restaurant work. Ron uses sponge cubes so they don't roll. Recommends smaller (3/4") cubes since audience reaction seems to be the same as with 2" sponges. Also uses a purse frame.
32 Appendix One: Basic Sponge Vanish
33 Appendix Two: Handling of the Purse Frame
35 The Ron Frederick Chop Cup Routine: a routine with variety yet no complex moves. Can be performed standing if a jacket is worn. Uses a standard Chop Cup, the balls, a final load, and one other cup. This cup, when inverted with a ball in the recess, should be just tall enough so that when the Chop Cup is placed over it, the ball will just touch the inner bottom of the Chop Cup. Seven phase routine.
44 Conclusion by Ron Zollweg, June 1981
45 Publisher's Afterwords: More about Ron, the book, and Suzie Astolfi the illustrator. Ed Eckl, March 1982.
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