DVD 60 mins
Yu-Gi-Oh, Vol. 13 - Match Of The Millennium Part 2 - Match Of The Millennium - Part 2
Funimation Prod (9/29/2001)
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Action, Animation
USA  /  English

Konrad Bösherz
Till C. Hagen
Joachim Kerzel
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß
Constantin von Jascheroff
Hikaru Midorikawa
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Megumi Ogata
Laurent Chauvet
Dennis Schmidt-Foß

Yugi vs. Pegasus: The Climactic Battle Part 2

Episode 38: Part IV
Yugi crumples in exhaustion under the crippling power of the Shadow Game. His friends yell desperate encouragement, but their voices cannot penetrate the sphere of darkness. Yugi's chance at victory is slipping away, as is his life!

Episode 39: Part V
Pegasus summons Relinquished, a fearsome monster that can consume Yugi's Duel Monsters! Yugi counters with...Kuriboh? The smallest, weakest creature in the game? Has Yugi given up, or does he have one last strategy to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? The Shadow Game comes to a close!

Episode 40: Aftermath
The Pegasus Saga comes to an end, but a new journey is about to being! Yugi meets a mysterious Egyptian named Shadi who enters Yugi's mind with the Millennium Key. What are these Millennium Items, and do they hold the answer to the mystery behind the Shadow Games?

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Release Date 9/16/2003
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