DVD 405 mins IMDB 7.6
PG (Parental Guidance)
The Three Stooges Collection: Volume 5: 1946 - 1948
Passport Video (1946)
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1: Beer Barrel Polecats
2: A Bird in the Head
3: Uncivil Warbirds
4: Three Troubledoers
5: Monkey Businessmen
6: Three Loan Wolves
7: G.I. Wanna Home
8: Rhythm and Weep
9: Three Little Pirates
10: Half-Wit's Holiday
11: Fright Night
12: Out West
13: Hold That Lion
14: Brideless Groom
15: Sing a Song of Six Pants
16: All Gummed Up
17: Shivering Sherlocks
18: Pardon My Clutch
19: Squareheads of the Round Table
20: Fiddler's Three
21: 108. Hot Scots
22: Heavenly Daze
23: I'm a Monkey's Uncle
24: Mummy's Dummies
25: 112. Crime on Their Hands
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Lester Allen Runty
Heinie Conklin Bartender
Dick Curtis Badlands Blackie
Vernon Dent Warden / Prof. Panzer / Governor / Detective / Captain Mullins / King / King Cole / I. Fleecem
Larry Fine Larry
Curly Howard Curly
Moe Howard Moe
Shemp Howard Shemp
George Lloyd Squid McGuffy
Kenneth MacDonald Dr. Mallet / Icabod Slipp / Lefty Loomis / Dapper Malone
Christine McIntyre Bea
Charles C. Wilson J.L. Cameron
Ray Corrigan Gorilla
The Three Stooges

Director Edward Bernds; Del Lord
Producer Jules White; Hugh McCollum
Writer Edward Bernds; Gilbert Pratt; Elwood Ullman
Cinematography Philip Tannura; Burnett Guffey; Henry Freulich; George F. Kelley; Vincent J. Farrar; Allen G. Siegler

The stooges are janitors working in a newspaper office. When an anonymous caller phones in a tip about the theft a famous diamond...

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Release Date 3/17/2009
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Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono [English]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
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