DVD 118 mins IMDB 8.6
R (Restricted)
The Silence Of The Lambs
MGM/UA (1991)
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USA  /  English

Anthony Hopkins Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Jodie Foster Clarice Starling
Frankie Faison Barney Matthews
Scott Glenn Jack Crawford
Kasi Lemmons Ardelia Mapp
Ted Levine Jame Gumb
Brooke Smith Catherine Martin
Dan Butler Roden
Anthony Heald Dr. Frederick Chilton
Jeffrey Lane Clarice's Father
Paul Lazar Pilcher

Director Jonathan Demme; Johnathan Demme
Producer Gary Goetzman; Edward Saxon; Grace Blake; Ronald M. Bozman
Writer Ted Tally; Thomas Harris
Cinematography Tak Fujimoto
Musician Howard Shore

FBI Agent Clarice Starling is looking for a murderer who has killed several girls and stripped skin from their bodies. For help she goes to the jail cell of a very psychotic but very intelligent inmate, Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal likes to make her talk about herself and search her own soul for answers. Clarice continues to investigate the murders and discuss things with Dr. Lecter. A Congresswoman's daughter disappears, and everyone knows the murderer has her. Dr. Lecter is moved from his maximum security prison cell and put into a holding cage as per his deal with Clarice. She visits him one last time before going to find the murderer using the clues he has given her. While the rest of the FBI chases a false lead, she goes to the house of the murderer. She finds the Congresswoman's daughter in a pit in the basement. The murderer is in the darkened basement with them. He has infrared goggles, and Clarice does not, so she knows it's only a matter of time. Fortunately the posse arrives and takes the lunatic prisoner freeing the daughter who is still alive. Clarice learns that Dr. Lecter escaped from his holding cell using very ingenious methods. She thinks it's all behind her until she receives a phone call from Dr. Lecter.

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Distributor Image Entertainment
Edition Movie-Only Edition
Barcode 014381406924
Region Region 1
Release Date 7/21/1998
Packaging Snap Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.85:1)
Subtitles English; French; Spanish; English (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Stereo [English]
Dolby Surround [English]
Dolby Digital Surround [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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