Martin Lewis's Making Magic - Volume 2 - The Stand-Up Creations of Martin Lewis
Magikraft (2003)
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This is the second volume in Martin Lewis's two-part Making Magic series, and it offers 6 more platform routines that must be constructed by you (hence the title). Unlike Volume I, though, which contains Martin's wonderful "CardioGraphic," there is no real stand-out routine on Volume II, although an argument could be made for "Card In Bottle." However, as good as it is, it just doesn't have the charm of "CardioGraphic."

In any case, every item on this DVD is rock solid and utterly performable, not to mention well taught.

"Two Color Torn Tissue" is a fleshed-out approach to the old torn-and-restored napkin that gets a couple of extra climaxes out of the simple plot.

"Comedy Card Stab" is a clever method for the classic card-stab, and while not uproariously funny (in the way that Penn & Teller's Card Stab is uproariously funny), it does provide an excellent framework upon which to build one's own routine.

"Crystal Gazing" is a well-thought-out effect in which a spectator accurately divines another spectator's freely-chosen card by peering into a crystal ball. Two things make Martin's method for this particularly interesting. One, there is no force, and two, by the devious application of a simple principle, no one else ever sees anything in the crystal ball. Indeed, it can even be handed out for examination at the end (not wise, theatrically, but still fun to note).

"Halve-It" is a platform presentation for the venerable 3 1/2-of-Clubs gag, and it does prolong the trick, but frankly, I'm not sure it does anything to improve it. The routine (and routining) just strikes me as being cluttered. However, this is the only item on either of these two DVDs that I find to be of questionable value, and it's certainly not terrible.

"Handscan" is a no-sleight, apparently bare-handed production of one or several cards that Martin uses as a running gag throughout his show (this is actually one of my favourite parts of the act). It fooled me badly until he tipped the method and I suspect it will fool you too.

Finally, "Card In Bottle" offers Martin's take on Robert Harbin's classic plot, in which a chosen card vanishes from an envelope, only to appear inside a Vodka bottle that in turn is resting inside two nested cigar boxes. Detractors might point out that the card can't be signed, but in my opinion this takes nothing away from the effect. In addition, the method for causing the card to vanish from an envelope is excellent, and could easily be applied to other routines.

Ultimately, I'm left with the feeling that if all this material had been included on Volume I, it would have elevated that DVD from "very good" to "must-buy." Instead, we get a sequel that, while good, isn't quite as strong as its predecessor. However, I must add that, while close-up magic is well represented in books and DVDs these days, there is a paucity of solid platform material available. Martin's DVDs DEFINITELY help fill that gap.

David Acer
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