Magic "You Can Make" - Make your own Magic Tricks!
Magic Makers Inc. (2004)
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Magic "You Can Make"

On this DVD, Marty Grams teaches you the secrets, construction, and handling of 12 great magic tricks that he has performed and sold during lecture tours worldwide during the last 30 years.
Many of these effects have sold individually for over twenty dollars each and now, they are available as a collection on this DVD.
Marty thoroughly takes you through everything you need to know including the trick he used to get bookings, Martini's Magic Day Planner, and his best selling Ring to Tea Bag!

Learn these 12 effects:

The Floating Card
Observation Test
7th Inning Stretch
No Sleight Card to Envelope
No Gimmick Card Frame
1 Step Over The Borderline
2001 Card Across
Ring in Tea Bag
Sands of Old Egypt
No Tug Coin Holder
Bill in Bubble Gum
Martini's Magic Day Planer
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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