Michael Ammar's Classic Renditions - Volume 3 - The Invisible Bill Switch and John Cornelius' Borrowed Bill Routine
Michael Ammar
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Classic Renditions - Michael Ammar - Volume 3 - VHS

Volume 3, The Invisible Bill Switch.

The Invisible Bill Switch is one of the most demanding techniques available to the modern conjuror. Once mastered, it enables you to change $1 bills into $100 bills, turn money inside out, and much more. But as phenomenal as some of these effects sound, they only look like magic if you use the right techniques. With the finesse and performing philosophy taught here by Ammar, you will be able to switch one bill for another undetected, using the folding sequence developed by Mike Kozlowski. Also featuring John Cornelius performing his five-minute Borrowed Bill Routine at the Magic Castle.
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