Michael Ammars' The Topit Tapes - Volume 2
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The topit has been described as one of the most powerful weapons for the stand-up/walk around magician as it allows you to many things that usually need a Servante or lapping to be performed & this DVD covers all the intricacies needed to operate this utility devices

Containing both of the original "Topit Tapes" that were shot in 1983(with some updates on how Michael has improved a technique) the Basic run down of what is on the DVDs is as follows:-

Volume 2
Routines & Advanced Techniques
Begins with a performance for lay people using the Topit - you'll see explicit explanations of everything!
Contains full routines and advanced techniques that require more skill and a better understanding of magic.
Teaching: The Four Coin Routine, Matrix, The Deck Switch, The Funkenring, The Ball & Silk, and more!

Here are quotes from some of the experts

"Virtually anyone can make their magic better with these techniques. This is priceless information from the expert!" - Dai Vernon

"An important and lasting contribution to the Art. As important and basic to the working magician as the pass to cards or the shell to billiard balls." - Mark Wilson

"Your work with the Topit is the best I have seen. Beautiful!" - Michael Skinner

"Michael's diabolical design and ultimate application of this perfect principle completely combines the 'real work' of sleeving and lapping without any of the restrictions - I don't leave home without mine!" - Roger Klause
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