Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3
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Incredible Self Working Card Tricks by Michael Maxwell Volume 3

Best selling author, DVD producer and all-around swell guy, Michael Maxwell, has painstakingly researched and compiled what he considers to be the most amazing "self working card tricks," ever created - amazing tricks requiring No Skill! These are killer card tricks to have in your arsenal for those special occasions when someone hands you a deck and says, "Hey, Mr. Magician, show us a trick!" Even if you have never handled a deck of cards before, you can easily master these diabolical effects. Special care has been taken to include effects that are not generally known, even to knowledgeable card men.

- The Telltale Pulse
- Play it Straight (Triumph)
- Emotional Reaction
- Miraskill
- Do As I Do
- Three Proofs
- Linking Cards
- Card Sealing
- Simple Arithmetic
- We 3 Find 3
- Unbelievable
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