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Autographed by Nathan Kranzo

Nathan Kranzo is one of the most talented people we ever booked for the Conclave. He has now released one of his pet effects – Pimpin.’
Here is the video that started a wave. For months Nathan had to constantly delete comments that people made about the video. Not because they were guessing the method, but because they were accusing him of using special FX or camera editing. Not true.
Not true at all.
Special thanks to Paul Harris: Nathan is honored to share this effect with you that spawned from one of Paul’s great ideas. After sharing the effect with him he was very happy. When asked for his blessing he said “consider yourself blessed”.
The visual transformation is stunning. In this particular handling, Nathan performs a short ambitious card type sequence. On the Pimpin’ DVD, he explains how you can perform dozens of different card effects and then go right into this startling transformation.
One of his favorite handlings involves walking up to a group of people and offering them a card for a card effect. As they reach out their hand, the deck morphs into a handful of cash!
This is a fantastic opener for close-up or even stand up, as the transformation can be seen by large groups.
People literally scream when they see this transformation. Turning money into more money is one thing, but when a normal everyday object explodes into a handful of cash it hits them in the head and the heart. There is such a strong emotional and social connection with money.
The effect can be performed with any bills that are similar in width to a playing card. The length doesn’t matter.
Please note that when you purchase the DVD, you will receive the complete Pimpin’ training. You won’t see Nathan performing for actors who pretend to be interested, won’t see him performing it on top of the Empire State Building, or on the streets of Hollywood etc. Just Nathan sitting down one on one with you…old school style.
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