No Cards and Post-It Prestidigitation Combined together - Kostya Kimlat's brand new double CDROM!
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NO CARDS is Kostya Kimlat's brand new double CDROM that features 2 Incredible books, Post-It Prestidigitation and No Cards. Combined together, you will receive over 16 non-card effects with photos and illustrations of some killer magic.

NO CARDS includes HUMID SHENANIGANS, Kostya's work on impromptu routines for the everyday world. Discover Kostya's fully illustrated booklet featuring magic with chocolate candy, pocket change, store receipts, peanuts, chicken wings, cherries. Featuring a routine by Adam Rubin and a bonus: Kostya's infamous production of a spectator's phone number followed by their very own car license plate! This type of magic will either get you arrested or idolized.

What's Included?

9 Non-Card Effects
33 Illustrations
Adam Rubin's favorite M&M Miracle that everyone loves!
and... 2 Bonus Routines: Catch-## and License to Steal - Kostya's Signature Piece for many years!

"Post-It Prestidigitation" will teach you killer magic that uses a naturally-made post-it pad gimmick and several routines utilizing different kinds of pads. You'll take a look at the challenges of making the one-ahead principle convincing and discover some unique and powerful solutions that use post-it pads as a simple, casual tool to create powerful and audience-engaging routines.

What's Included?

7 Killer Effects
1 Clever Gimmick
3 Thought-Provoking Essays
14 Photographs
A revolutionary way of looking at the 1-ahead principle
and... A bonus routine. by the Millionaire's Magician - Steve Cohen

All files are in Adobe PDF format.
Post-It Prestidigitation

Non-Card Magic for beginner and intermediate magicians.
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