Copy Cash
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Copy Cash

Completely Imposssible from JB Magic!

Fold a blank piece of paper in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighth's. Without any moves, sleights, thumb tips etc the blank piece of paper VISUALLY turns into a $20 bill!. The $20 is unfolded and shown on BOTH SIDES. Somethings wrong this is only photocopy of a $20.
Again fold the photocopy in half, quarters and eighth's. Again no moves of ANY KIND. The photocopy VISUALLY turns into a REAL $20 bill!.
Unfold the $20 show it on BOTH SIDES!

Resets in 2 seconds.
Bonus second handling on the DVD, allows you to pass out the VERY SAME $20 bill out for examination.
Comes with printed bills/notes; Dollars, Euros & Pounds!
Learn from Mark Mason with the instructional DVD Included with Copy Cash.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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