The Richard Sanders Show Vol.2 - Osterlind, Richard
Richard Sanders
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The Richard Sanders Show by Richard Sanders - Volumes 2

The Richard Sanders Show DVD #2 by Richard Sanders

Volume Two

Effects Performed and Explained:

Rising: This effect has been one of Richard’s most closely guarded secrets. Borrow a deck of cards and perform a no gimmick, no movement, angle-proof, rising card from the middle of the pack!

Mr. Stickman: Straight out of Richard’s professional repertoire. A hand-drawn stickman VISUALLY JUMPS from card to card eventually coming to rest on the signed selection. A visual stunner that is super practical...classic Sanders!

King Thing: The 4 kings vanish from the deck. When they make their appearance again, one is face-up in the middle of the pack, one is in the performers pocket, one is in the card case and the last one is found right under the spectator’s finger. And get ready for the amazing part...there is NO PALMING and NO EXTRA CARDS
are used. It can be performed with a borrowed deck!

Time Travelling Bill: One of the most logical and convincing uses for the bill switch! A old, worn out bill is transformed into a new one. The serial number is the same! A practical miracle you can perform everywhere!

Slow Mo Aces: A SLOW-MOTION 4 ace transposition where every card
is shown. A real workers routine and super easy to do. The closest
you can get to McDonald’s Aces with a borrowed pack!

Bill Anywhere: Imagine borrowing a bill and then having it reappear anywhere
that you can imagine! This exciting new principle uses psychology to convince the
spectator that the bill is definitely his! Lots of applications in magic!

Gone: You hand a deck to the spectator and from that moment on, YOU DO NOT TOUCH
THE PACK AGAIN. The spectator selects a card from the deck and then shuffles
the pack. At your command the card vanishes from the deck that the spectator is
still holding, and appears in your pocket. When the spectator looks through the deck
his card is missing! A REAL REPUTATION MAKER!
and more!
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