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SAW DVD by Sean Fields

A spectacular nightmare from the demented mind of Sean Fields.
The performer unravels a length of thread. He then immediately, and VISIBLY, begins to SAW the thread straight into his throat! The spectators can actually see the thread deep under the performer's flesh, from ANY ANGLE!

Fast ListSteps to freak your friends out.

•swallow ring...
•slice into your neck with the thread...
•show thread in your neck...
•pull ring out of your neck...
*NOTE* Remember, this is MAGIC! Do not attempt to saw through your neck with thread. It will hurt.

Full Overview

Now for the REALLY disturbing part; the performer begins to pull the thread back through his throat! This is grotesque; the spectator can actually SEE the thread tearing through the skin!
After the thread has ripped through the skin, there is no wound, no scars, nothing to see, and nothing to find. Just a hunk of thread, a naked neck and the memory of an unspeakable weirdness.
You can also 'swallow' a finger ring, perform SAW and pull the thread out of your neck with the ring attached.
Sean Fields has created a deeply disturbing effect, and has teamed up with a somewhat concerned Rodney Reyes to make it available to those that like this sort of thing.
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