Secret Seminars Of Magic With Patrick Page - 3 - three-shell game / topit techniques
L&L Publishing
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This DVD combines two of Patrick Page's previously released videos: "Three-Shell Game" and "Topit Techniques."

The first part features the Three-Shell Game and includes: Pat Page's Basic Routine, Pea Under Glass Ending, Stealing The Pea, Loading The Pea, Three Shells-Three Peas, The Kick Steal, Triple Spread, Between The Hands, Pearl Ending and more.

The second part features the Topit and includes: A Billiard Ball Routine, Motion Of Tossing Object, How To Open Jacket, Color Change With Ball, Ball To Handkerchief, Kaps Large Coin Vanish, Kaps Vanishing Cane, Michael Ammar's Topit Bag, George Blake's Taking Object From Pocket, Switching A Deck Of Cards, Vanishing Deck, Egg Bag Idea, The Pub Glass Vanish and more.

This is volume three in the Secret Seminars Of Magic series. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: VHS: 198?, DVD: March 2005. Running time: Approximately 64 minutes.
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