Secret Seminars Of Magic With Patrick Page - 6 - 25 super tricks! / funny business for kids' shows
L&L Publishing
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This DVD combines two of Patrick Page's previously released videos: "Three-Shell Game" and "Topit Techniques."

The 25 Super Tricks section includes: The Auto Force Deck, Behind Your Back, The False Shuffle, Coins To Handkerchief, Prof. Missing Ball Production, Thumb Tips I Have Known, Bill, Silk & Thumb Tip, Snip Snip Coin Trick, Some Trick Decks, My Nudist Deck Routine, The Optica Deck, The Diminishing Handkerchief, Page’s Phallic Thimbles, Card Fans & Deck Vanish, Variation On A Theme, The Everlasting Cut & Restored Rope Trick, My First Coin Trick, Any Card Called For, Animated Handkerchief, The Rough And Smooth Deck, The Mene Tekel Deck, A Coin Vanish, Impromptu Haunted Deck and more.

The Funny Business For Kids' Shows section includes: Rabbit And Bag, Bird Wobbler, Pop Off Balloon, Backward Balloon, Snapping Balloon, The Telephone Balloon, Breakaway Wand, Monkey Bar, Handkerchief Gag, Hat Gags, Box Gag, Kicking Box, Egg Bag Gag, Tube & Paper Gag, Copy Spectator and more.

This is volume six in the Secret Seminars Of Magic series. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: VHS: 198?, DVD: March 2005. Running time: Approximately 139 minutes.
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