Simon Lovell's The Methods Behind the Madness (3 DVD Set)
Magic Makers Inc. (2004)
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Simon Lovell: The Methods Behind the Madness (3 DVD Set)

Already being called "One of the five best magic DVD sets ever produced", the value of these DVDs to a performer is almost impossible to describe.Penguin Award for must-have DVD Set.

This is a chance to get to learn from one of the most entertaining magicians in the world.

You won't be learning from the back of a lecture hall, you'll be up close and personal. You'll get to know Simon Lovell in live performance, and you'll have the rare pleasure of sitting across the table from him as he explains his most valuable and sought after secrets.

You'll learn the effects, and just as importantly you'll learn the subtleties. Simon will share with you the hundreds of seemingly insignificant distinctions he's made in the thousands of times he's performed these effects for laypeople. It's awareness of these finer points that will set you apart as a magician.

Simon is outrageously funny in real life and in these DVDs, and you'll be laughing throughout. But Simon also has a serious side. As you'll see in the special bonus demo video we've posted below, Simon is deeply philosophical and passionate about his art. This is someone who can teach you how to do magic and why to do magic.

You're about to embark on a journey into the mind of a genius. Simon holds nothing back, and we hope you'll do the same in learning these effects and performing them for the people in your life.

Volume 1

On this volume you'll learn:
The Namer
Your Number�s Up
Star Trick
Twisted Rose
Sleight of Tongue
& More...
Volume 2

On this volume you'll learn:
The Packet Wallet
Another Departed Point
Lemming Ace Exchange
Whispering Royal
Kicked: Gaffed Deck
Derek Dingle�s Collectors
Radical Aces Explained
Bonus: The Standing Vanish
Bonus: The Wobbly Wombat
Volume 3

On this volume you'll learn:
Lovey Dovey Sandwich
Jack Catch
Simon Takes on Le Paul
Sandwich 2001
Coin Deck
Nightmare Deck
Simon�s Matrix
Vernon Can Be Explained
Oily Snobs
Lily Long Legs Story Deck
Bonus: Sidney The Hamster
Bonus: Sebastian The Mind Reading Chicken
Manufacturer Says
Filmed in the studio & before live audiences in Lake Tahoe. Each FULL-LENGTH volume is over 90 minutes long.

About Simon (from his website)

Simon Lovell is a world-renowned close-up entertainer incredibly gifted in the art of sleight-of-hand. His level of skill is second only to his ability to entertain and create laughter. His talents are especially popular at private parties and corporate functions where he can seamlessly entertain from group to group, amazing everybody along the way!

Simon's live engagements have received wide acclaim. Simon has performed all over the world, from the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to the London Palladium, through the Middle and Far East to Australia, and South America. Whatever the group, he has never failed to please them!

One of Simon's specialties is catering his work to corporate clients. Whatever the size of the group he can use his magical talents to give the group an experience they will never forget. He has integrated his clients' products into his performance -- designing specialized magic just for each show.

Simon is a highly experienced performer with over two hundred television credits to his name. Additionally, Simon has produced fourteen videos, published sixteen books, and written hundreds of magazine articles, short stories, and scripts. In recent years, he has been professionally engaged advising other performers in live and film situations, lecturing worldwide to casinos, and also to specialist groups of magicians.

Over the years, Simon has appeared in all kinds of venues from theatres to comedy clubs. His unique style and audience involvement makes him one of the most popular magical entertainers around.

Watching Simon Lovell is, unforgettably, the most fun you'll ever have while being fooled!
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