Stage Hypnosis Induction Stage Show Induction - by Michael Johns
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Stage Hypnosis Induction Stage Show Induction by Michael Johns with Richard Nongard

Stage Show Induction by Michael Johns Michael Johns preforms his hilarious comedy hypnosis show on the Las Vegas strip and has hypnotized tens of thousands of people across the country. Now he will take you step-by-step though the induction he uses nightly, from the amazingly important pre-talk though his powerful deepeners and more. This DVD teaches you exactly what you need to do to create deep trance with stage hypnosis subjects. Michael Johns shares his secrets for success and outlines each step of the induction he performs nightly in Las Vegas. Michael's induction is highly complex, and effective, incorporating elements of many induction styles. Richard Nongard - one of the world's most innovative and influential professionals in both clinical and stage hypnosis - hosts this instructional video and dissects each step, focusing on why the phenomena works so well, so that you will understand how you can do it, too! You WILL Learn: How to do Michael Johns' Las Vegas Stage Show Induction Techniques for creating deep trance The exact words to use to avoid failure How to be confident with your own induction How use breath work, awareness, and ego-strengthening induction strategies This DVD is a must have for any stage hypnotist seeking to master the stage show induction. Running Time Approximately 55min
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