The "I Hate David Copperfield" Trick - a Visually-stunning 3-Card Miracle
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I Hate David Copperfield Trick by Geoff Williams - Hands down the sweetest, most loving (and eye-poppingly visual) trick of the year.

The performer asks, "Would you like to see the I Hate David Copperfield trick? Do you know why I call it that? Because "I Hate David Copperfield". I actually don't hate him. He's a really nice guy and a great magician... it's just that every time people find out I'm a magician they start comparing me to him. "Can you walk through the Great Wall of China?" "Can you make the Statue of Liberty disappear?" "Do you date a super model?" That last one hurts the most. So I decided to do something Copperfield can't do. A close-up illusion that happens right before your eyes."

The performer then visibly and cleanly melts one card through another in a manner that looks like trick photography... but live in person, and 3 times!
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Original Title The "I Hate David Copperfield" Trick
Distributor Magic Makers, Inc.
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